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Kiss & Drive

Kiss & Drive is a nonprofit organization that aims to prevent road accidents, and in so doing decrease the number of resultant casualties and property damage.  We strive to improve Israeli driving culture and the safety of civilians on and near roadways.  These goals are realized through a holistic approach that combines guidance, instruction, and implementation, and leads to positive changes in the road behavior of both drivers and pedestrians.

In order to achieve our goals, we focus our efforts on promoting safe behavior at the vicinity of schools throughout the country.  This modus operandi is based on statistical evidence that clearly shows the high and persistent involvement of children in road accidents.

Road safety education in schools provides children with certain rules and behavioral norms, which often contrast with the day-to-day behavior of their own parents, who are their natural role models.

It is our basic assumption that upholding the principles of safe road behavior in the vicinity of schools will also promote such behavior within the general community of road users, and will decrease their chances of being involved in road accidents.

Kiss & Drive is a registered nonprofit organization, recognized as such since October 28th, 2004, by the Registrar of Amutot at the Israeli Corporations Authority.  We have also been granted a Proper Management Approval.

We fully cooperate with the Israel National Road Safety Authority, the Israeli Police Traffic Department, the Ministry of Education, and local authorities.  We are also an active member of the PEULA forum (umbrella organization of Israeli nonprofits involved in the promotion of road safety).